Register to share on VibeThat

Register to share on VibeThat

You set the vibe. You write the headlines. You choose the topic, you choose what you share and everyone is invited to comment, contribute and give feedback. Share what you find or what you’ve created. Enjoy the collective spirit as this site remains completely open to you.  Here are a few ways to make the most of your experience on

Creating Your Account

  1. Click here to get started
  2. Choose a Username and enter your Email Address
  3. Check your Email for your password and link to your personal VibeThat Control Panel
  4. Once you’ve created your account, click here to login.

Creating a Post

  1. While logged in to the control panel ( look to the top left corner of your screen for the section “Posts” and click “Add New”
  2. Enter a title and use the Visual / HTML editor below to input the content.
  3. On the right side of the screen, use the “Categories” section to choose the categories your post belongs in
    • A post with a new song and music video from a band you enjoy might belong in: Music, Videos, Bands, Creativity
    • Your post will automatically post as the headline in each section it’s categorized under.
  4. Next, add your tags. Click “add” or hit “enter” on your keyboard after each tag.
    • Tags are a way for search engines to classify your content.
    • A post with a new poem and photos of New Hampshire mountains might have tags like “poetry, new hampshire photos, new poem, poem by (author name), creative writing”

Adding Videos

Add Video to your Posts

  1. While creating your post, look to the right side of the post window for two tabs, “Visual” and “HTML.”
  2. Click the “HTML” tab
  3. Paste the embed code from YouTube, Vimeo or whichever website the content is coming from.

Adding Music

Add music

Adding music to your posts

  1. In the left column, choose the “Media” section and “Add New”
  2. Choose the .mp3 to add from your computer
  3. After uploading, fill out the track information and be sure the file is linked to “File URL” or something ending in “.mp3”
  4. Click “Insert Into Post”

Branding Your Posts

Supporting VibeThat Authors

Whenever you contribute content to this website, we return the love by sharing you.  If you post something on VibeThat, your posting will indicate it was contributed by you, link to an archive of all your posts, show your photo (a globally recognized Gravatar) and display your Bio. Your posts and comments are also branded with a link to your website.
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Enhancing your author credit

  1. Login, go to “Users / Your Profile”
  2. From there you can edit your Bio, Website, Name Display and more.
  3. Go to, quickly register for an account and create your Gravatar by uploading a photo from your computer. This image is globally recognized and the same image will be used to identify you across most websites. Be sure to use the same email you used with your VibeThat account to ensure the photo will show properly.

Writing your Bio

Be pungent yet brief with your bio.  Tell us what you’re about, why you post here or really anything you’d like.

Adding your Photo

VibeThat Authors: brand your posts! This video is short, simple and quickly explains exactly how to easily identify your posts and comments using a “Gravatar” or Globally Recognized Avatar.

The result will brand all your posts on as shown in this photo.

It’s cool, quick and easy and will help to promote and build your relationship with fellow VibeThat readers. It takes 2 minutes, go!