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This was originally posted by Nick on April 19th,’s second day online.  Most of our visitors today hadn’t heard of the site yet, so I felt we should revisit this one.  “the tease.” from Steve Lauder of

to the snow

Zack Wilmot, photo by Nick Kawon


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It’s thanks to you.

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… for all those who travel and would like to travel even more. Here’s a link to many pit stop/camp spots around the United States ( ). It’s a wonderful site where the members post new and even update any old spots that might not be available. The members are very good about keeping current and also encourage others to help and provide more information on any other campsites. Enjoy the world…. it is so large.

We’ve heard it before. The familiar phrases: struggling artist, struggling new business owner, unnoticed blogger, battling against the odds. Someone mentions following an unfamiliar path and immediately the peanut gallery is quick to submit an opinion on why it’s not a good idea. There are clearly much safer choices.

Society tends to deter the inspired from following the career path of an artist, actor, writer, creator or somebody who lives their life in an unfamiliar way; by alluding to a life without money, a continuous or never ending struggle, one in a million chances of success or by suggesting we face this apparent reality that we’re not special enough – those people are ‘lucky.’

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