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The offending ball

I bought a yoga ball the other day, to replace my chair with. I had heard they are good for posture, core strength, and kind of fun. So I got it, and I noticed on the box it was labeled “Burst Resistant” and I simultaneously thought “Awesome” and “Fooey”. Because I have the ability to think many things at the same time, which does get a little confusing.???

So when I got home and inflated it with the handy dandy little air pump that came in the box, I was overcome with the smell of the thing. I mean, it didn’t smell bad or anything, but just weird mix of rubber, mothballs, and something else. I suspect the makers package it with the gym smell pre-imbedded, so people who buy them for installation in a workout area aren’t wierded out by something that doesn’t smell terrible. In short, it’s a blast to sit on when doing anything, and I recommend it to anyone who sits at a desk for an extended period of time. I never knew that sitting down could be so exhausting. You can bounce on it, roll around, topple off it hilariously and giggle in a heap afterward. I’m not saying I did that, but I can vouch that it’s possible.

Then, while rummaging around my closet the other day, I spied the box the ball came in. The “Burst Resistant” labeling stood out at me again, and as I stared at the box, for about 10 minutes (I can neither confirm nor deny mind altering substances were in use) I took it as a challenge. “Alright, Bally Total Fitness 75 centimeter exercise ball,” I muttered, “we’ll see about this.” I threw a book at it, which bounced back onto my foot, which hurt. It was a big book.

One of my tools to destroy the ball

And from there I began to whale on the damn thing. When before I would absently bounce up and down when watching TV or writing or surfing the Internets, now I began to bounce as high as I could. I began to use it as a large soccer ball. Incidentally, it’s amazing how far the ball bounces, and how much destruction it can cause. In a short time I had broken a light, a small terra cotta warrior, three glasses, and nearly knocked my TV off the box it sits on like eight times. I’ve thrown it out the window a couple times, but all that happened there was I hit a bird on the bounce, which was kind of impressive. I’ve contemplated poking it with stuff, but that feels like cheating, right? I feel like only concussive force can be used in this “science” quest.  But the damn thing continues to not break. I am impressed with these Bally’s people. I must call their scientists, because this strangely scented polymer they’ve made the ball out of is seemingly invincible. Maybe a fat guy could help me.

I’ve tried rolling over sharp stuff, because that’s just incidental action when it comes to rolling around, but the thing is amazing in its resiliency. I even used it as a weapon against my little brother, but again its bounciness struck back at me, hitting me in the belly. Perhaps if I knew karate, I could chop it in half. But alas, I don’t have the time to spend years in the Orient learning from the Shaolin masters. I have a yoga ball to pop. I hit it with a hammer a couple times, but nothing. Really, I am at the end of my rope. I’ve been throwing playing cards at it the last couple hours in hopes paper cuts will wear away at it, but so far nothing. Maybe if we lived somewhere near trains, I could put it on a train track. But I have a sneaking suspicion it would just make the train derail, and I’d be back to square one. Maybe even square zero, because I’d have to deal with a derailed train.

If you have suggestions for me, email them to Together we can find success, and kick this stupid, core solidifying, good time creating, son of a bitch back to where it came from, or at least assert our dominance as human beings over it. I’ll not be stopped by this inanimate object. I’m better than that. Maybe I’ll try running it over with my car.

This report is especially enjoyable to post because we’ve reached a few notable benchmarks since the last report at 90 days.  We’ve got 16 new contributors, our Alexa Traffic Rank has been steadily improving and the content on VibeThat has become even more engaging and intriguing as the seasons go by.  As more and more people discover this website and begin to share with us, this place will even more resemble a fountain of valuable and quality content that’s ready to be discovered from anywhere on Earth.

On the web, it’s a best practice and consistent recommendation of “web gurus” to specialize your web content and stick to few topics; to find a niche and park yourself there.  But life is too multifaceted and people are too multidimensional to cut this idea off anywhere.  The journey shouldn’t be limited to one or few idea streams.  This website contains photos, nature, poetry, inspiration, love, success, stories, thoughts, ideas, events, quotes, videos, music, music videos, dancing, art, public figures, news, health, food, reviews, opinion and the variety is limitless.  You can discover this website today, join the conversation tonight and have the entire VibeThat community enjoying what you’ve shared tomorrow.   We’re still enjoying the transformation and continued evolution of this website from a pile of ideas into something quite greater. Read Full Article →

Sending Wyclef Jean good vibes today as he awaits the results to see if may run as candidate in the upcoming election in Haiti.

Supporting VibeThat Authors

This project is a continued inspiration; the immense effort to grow VibeThat these past few months has been astonishing to see and rewarding to be a part of.  Each day provides a reaffirmation of why this website exists and why spreading love is the key.  Thank you kindly for your support in spreading and helping to build this dream.

Some of the latest site upgrades:

  • Larger Author Gravatar’s (Profile Photos)
  • now suggests “Related Posts” at the bottom of each article
  • “Shared Vibes” Counter beneath Author Profile Photo displays the Author’s total number of posts
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  • The Get Started page clearly explains how to register to contribute, make posts, add your photo, edit your Bio, link to your website and more
  • Sweet new footer graphics and right column graphics

It’s thanks to you.

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