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It’s sacred thought: where two souls come together to play beyond the shallow waters of before.  No permission, inhibition.  It’s Tantra, a school of gifts and grace, tainting the programming of yesterday, with passion filled rope tying my faith with hope.

Take me down.

I hold no expectations of you to stay.  Patiently…paint my body with your every curiosity and fantasy.  I’ll be your playmate.  It’s my first time too.  17, in a dense dream of Unknown, anticipation, true.  On the floor I lay, where you placed me.  Where you threw me down into a sound of shyness: my foreplay.  Where my fire can only be tamed with red silk ribbon unforgiven.  Take it in hand: my love.  Tie my control down and place the lace over my sight so I can but sense the anticipation of your intent, your breath, your sweat, as the power of submitted powerlessness fills the sphere of you and I.  Where we are but a service to one another, erotic gain, pleasured pain as I drip with vulnerability into my lace panties.

Do you know what you want,
Will you still,
What it when it comes?
Do you know what you want,
Will you still,
What it when I come?

You’ve earned THE PASS, the safe words, my trust.

My body: your toy, an eloquent piece of art where the only rule is:  communication-in words, in the space in between breath; where the seems of trust begin and end.  Take me down into the cells that bleed your melody riddling my aura with your chemistry…with me..  On top of the counter…outside in the rain, on the beach…in any secret place we can find

..To play..
..I’m open…
..Let them watch.