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Come join Award-Winning Actor Keith Collins and’s VP of Marketing and Advertising Scott D’Amato for the Offical Lauch Party of!

Foundation Lounge NYC and promoter/actor Keith Collins have teamed up with to celebrate the launch of the’s web page and community. Not only that, but we will be celebrating Keith Collins achievement of winning Best Supporting Actor at the Downbeach Film Festival Cinefest in Atlantic City for his role in a new 2010 film “A Fight for Survival”. While we’re at it, why not throw in a birthday bash for Scott D’Amato too. This night will be a blast, so bring your friends.

The event takes place Saturday, October 23rd at Foundation Lounge in New York City and is guest list only.

Magical Egypt
Episode One – The Invisible Science

Michael S. Schneider explains the Fibonacci series.

NFC West

So, in dramatic fashion, we limp to the finish line for all you football heads out there. I have no excuse save that the last week was full of travel and entertaining of guests. But I’ll not let you down, and even though this is admittedly the weakest division in the league, it still deserves some face time, right?

San Francisco 49ers

Niners tight end Vernon Davis (Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images)

Maybe its just me, but it seems like the stories of Montana, Walsh, and Rice are fading further and further into antiquity with each passing year, looking more like an aberration and good luck than an organizations commitment to winning. Of course, you can’t always hire a coach that will fundamentally change the way the game is played or drat the best quarterback and wide receiver in the history of the game every time you neeed one, can you. The Niners are a far cry from the flash and shine of those halcyon days in the 80’s and 90’s, but they’ve done a complete makeover as only San Fran is capable, and have come out of it a whole different beast. It all starts with coach Mike Singletary. For a city that’s more style and substance, Singletary brings a bedrock to the team to build upon. A part of the ’85 Bears team that produced the Super Bowl Shuffle and a 15-1 record, Singletary was another in a long line of Bears linebackers that stuck utter terror into the hearts of opposing players. Now, as the coach of the 49ers he is trying to do the same thing, and has turned a historically pass happy team to a run-first bludgeoning fist. He takes little to no shit from anyone, going so far as to make Vernon Davis, the Niners star tight end, to go to the locker room because he was being whiny. So things are changing. The draft this year focused on rebuilding a porous offensive line that has allowed former number one pick Alex Smith to be knocked senseless, lose his starting job, and get it back. That’s the key to the whole seasaon, plain and simple. If that can stay strong and Smith can fulfill his promise FINALLY, the Niners are the class oft his division. If not, they have this kid Nate Davis from Ball State that can just flat out huck the ball. Big, strong, he could be very good. Frank Gore at RB is one of the most unheralded backs in the league in a division with Stephen Jackson, another of the same. The aforementioned Davis, when he was drafted, was considered the best pure athlete in the game with a freakish size and speed combination. Basically, if LeBron James played football, you’d have Vernon Davis. In an earlier column I mentioned how Brian Westbrook was on the Redskins, but I was wrong and informed of that while watching the Niners preseason game last week. So really, having one of the best backs in recent history as a backup is going to add some magic to that backfield. Plus, Michael Crabtree is going to be playing an entire season and if that talent he showed at Texas Tech pans out, well, the Niners have a threat at wideout like nobody else in the league. He is that good. If Ted Ginn, recently acquired from Miami, can find his hands, that could be a very good receiving corps. Defensively, Patrick Willis at linebacker leads a very solid group. This is Singletarys’ pride and joy here, a get after the ball kind of team that just wants to destroy. They’ve taken on the mentality that Singletary brings to the team, and that’s just dangerous. Willis is one of the best backers in the league, hands down. Combine that with safety  Taylor Mays out of USC and the middle of the field is a place you don’t want to be against this team. Mays is a freak like Davis is, and watching USC games the last couple years saw him literally everywhere on the field. If he wasn’t the guy making the tackle, he was right there delivering a bone-shattering hit anyway. The d-line isn’t amazing, but solid, and they were one of the toughest teams against the run last year, something that should carry over. Pass-wise, Mays is what some consider the second coming of Ronny Lott, the Hall of Fame safety that was the face of the Niners defense for all those championship runs. So keep an eye on San Fran, and the Bay in general, it looks like a couple of teams there are going to surprise the league. Prediction : 11-5, playoffs. Read Full Article →

Sending Wyclef Jean good vibes today as he awaits the results to see if may run as candidate in the upcoming election in Haiti.