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“None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In a cloudless sky I wandered, one Sunday afternoon
Kayak resting on a rock at the river’s mouth, I remember I could see the moon
Cool water rushed crystal clear underneath to replenish the awaiting lake
Sunshine healed my skin, body and mind from its angled perch as the day vaporized.

The vibration of the Earth and its creatures just soothed through the silence
Leaving nothing but the breathing of the universe a simple tune for me to listen
I’m equipped with pen and pad so you know I’m thinking
Real writing is mentally inscribed
It never leaves you, so I’m see through and I’m breathing through this rap cause I see you

Deepak reaches out to me, with crucial knowledge and
It was passed down the line at just the right time so he writes from me to you:

“Time is the field of gain and loss. As long as you are in time, its an illusion to think that you can prevent loss, which is just another word for change.”– Deepak Chopra (from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof)

So I’m thinkin on that, reverence for life
And I’m sitting here with my mind ambition in sight
And I mentioned reverence for life cause I’m thinking about the clouds and the sun in my sight
Freestyling now, explaining kinda shifty
Go out in nature and just sink into it man
I’m in the ocean, back on the beachfront, laying in the sand as the reeds wrap around me
And I’m thinking I’m in Avatar, 3D crazy I’m sitting here I’m not at the bar
I’m getting drunk on the world, cosmic universe
Just thinking and I’m rapping in my room on this verse
So I’m straight cuttin’ styles from beyond
Looking at the ocean aaahh man im sublime
And I’m rising so I cant be low, I can’t see myself but I know

Photo by Ashley Kuchta

I’m coming back

So I had to come down and take a quick breather
I’m back on line 2 and I go heres my seether
I’m moving forward operation not shifty
I’m tippin and I’m tappin and I’m building so I see
At the end, here I’ll be building
The ride was the illest and the journeys what I’m yielding
I’m reassured and its back to my essence, remember why you’re here why you sat down to sing this.
Maybe I dont, maybe I do, I just do it cause I love sending vibes to you
So to my crew, connect with me on VibeThat
Broadcast from the tree tops from my bones to my cornea
Exuding realness I’m thinking through this motion
I’m sending, hear vibe to this through, through this potion
and I’m moving I’m thinking moving forward, it’s 7:46 on the dial
Moving forward through the darkness you know I’m just climbing
I’m climbing up the ladder each rung and I’m shining
Not my watch not my this not my that
It’s through my eyes through my great cataracts

Song Credit: Instrumental provided by “123InDaPlaceToBe”

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A lyrical display from Fabolous and an interesting video.

Fabolous – “I’M RAW” (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Third installment in “The Funeral Arrangements” viral series to promote Fabolous’ mix-tape “There is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service”

Na Palm is an aspiring rapper representing the Chicago club scene.  “Time To Rise” is my personal favorite of his tracks and comes from his mixtape “Dirty Girls Like Dirty Beats.”  In his music and interviews Na Palm consistently credits his brother for pushing him to persevere and succeed when his future was nothing more than a vision.  This track reminds me of my brother, who assisted and inspired me to continue pursuing my highest aspirations.

Na Palm – Time To Rise

It started as a vision,
Just me and my brother,
We’re sitting in the kitchen,
Lookin at one another
Chasing dreams out this one bedroom apartment,
Grab my paper, got my pen, that’s how it got started

Writing lyrics from my spirit hope these people hear it,
It’s us against the world, and I’m  gonna never fear it,
Say what I say cause I’m speaking what I’m feeling,
I spit it for the dreamers, I spit it for the children,
I spit 1,000 bars until I spit a million,
It’s coming from the heart, that’s why it’s so appealing

Artist Bio: Na Palm

Exploding onto Chicago’s rap/hip-hop music scene is Napalm – born Craig Steven Palm. Napalm delivers unique flows while staying true to his background and lifestyle. This underground, grassroots rapper emerged from solely basement-freestyling at after-hour parties to mesmerizing mass crowds at the largest clubs in the city. Smashing the mold of a stereotypical, sheltered suburbanite, Napalm uses his lyrical talent and cleverly applied one-liners to create and captivate audiences of all ages and musical appetites. Initially enthralling the party scene in Chicago, Napalm is now seeking to broaden his horizons and lash out to the widespread public.

Na Palm on Facebook / Na Palm on Twitter