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sound of sunshine.

photo credits: Ashley Clarkin, various locations around Ft. Lauderdale, “golden showers”: Victoria Noll

It seems the pop culture presence of Italians has shifted over the years from Goodfellas to The Soprano’s and now the Jersey Shore.  Despite how we’re depicted, I’ll always support my fellow Italians.  Here’s a lyrical journey from Jojo Pellegrino; italian rapper from Staten Island who I was originally put on to my brother back in the high school daze. Enjoy this mix over the mob classic “Mambo Italiano”.

“You know the ice don’t melt/ The tight flow felt/ I’m from Staten Italy, Baby Brooklyn/ Exit 3 on the belt”

“You live like you worth mils but you’re stuntin’ with your father’s papers / I got more whips and chains than a dominatrix / Get up close range and roast ’em with the mac, let the beef rest like 6 months then blow ’em off the map”

– Jojo Pellegrino

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