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Sending Wyclef Jean good vibes today as he awaits the results to see if may run as candidate in the upcoming election in Haiti.

For those who may not know about BD, he is an extremely talented all-round artist coming out of New York City. I personally have watched him grind and grow the past couple years. He got his first real major start a couple years ago with a single produced by the legendary Scott Storch. He then made his way to signing a major deal with LL Cool J on his imprint record label. Now, back on the grind, after parting ways with his former label, BD is back on his grizzly. With a major single release coming this summer, BD is definitely an artist to look out for. His sound is unique and although he leans a little towards pop, his overall style and music is very eclectic. Check it out and spread the word about BD. Also, check the video trailer from the upcoming film about his life as an artist in NYC.

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Check out this emerging artist out of Nigeria, Africa. He has gained critical acclaim in Africa receiving several awards including: