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The 820 Declaration | Written by Tim Napoli, 2009

The fate of the people does not shield itself in the illusion of prestige and status, or under the false pretenses of democracy and “freedom”, or even in the deep seeded emotions of love and affection we hold so dearly.  The ultimate salvation of society lies in the actions and ideas of its people uniting as one, using the unreal power and beauty of the mind to enter the planet into a state of complete unending nirvana.

A condensed approach to the objective at hand will be produced; and lastly, the art of consumption will deem itself, and all other tasks, completely useless.  The people will eventually entrust all of their true power into a single non-partisan or omniscient observer, and rely on him to reorganize the puzzle from the start.  This is the final endeavor and rebirth of the human spirit on its journey to freedom.

Existence is a sport.  Will a trophy for all your memories complete you?  The only true hero is the puppet master and his most prized puppeteer; who just like him, is only as powerful as the puppets that he or she controls.  The individual who can reciprocate his hate with love is the true receiver; the individual whom can reproduce the entire spectrum for him from “nothing” is the one.

High on L.I.F.E.

Love Intensifies Futile Emotions
Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation


Progress vs Progress

This has been a Wilbur J. Dickens Production

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Sending Wyclef Jean good vibes today as he awaits the results to see if may run as candidate in the upcoming election in Haiti.

NFC South

Sorry about the sudden halt people, I had to help my brother move to Pittsburgh this week. Incidentally, one of the nicer cities I’ve been to, though in the winter I’m sure it’s different. Plus, the Steelers are pretty ubiquitous. And PNC Park, where the Pirates play, is seriously the nicest park I’ve ever been to, other than having to watch the Pirates. Anyway, on to the NFC South, where we continue with the…

New Orleans Saints

Saints QB Drew Brees with son Baylen (Getty)

So you won a Super Bowl, did you? Well, boys, the NFL wants to know, what have you done for me lately? Yes, the NFC South, where you can’t finish first twice. In this decade no team has won the division twice in a row, and the way talent is showing up there again, the Saints, despite an electric offense and the will of a magic city, could have a tough time. But really, not that tough. Though they partied pretty much up until tomorrow to celebrate the city’s first championship in who knows how long, the Saints are the class of the division. Drew Brees, he of the golden (surgically repaired) arm and maybe the most adorable child in the world, is back and more at home than ever. He loves the city and they him, probably to the degree that Archie Manning is now an afterthought. Brees had a ridiculous season last year and only looks to improve on it, as head coach Sean Peyton can build on what he and Brees put together last year and spend the year giving defensive coordinators fits. The offense from QB on down is back where it matters, and now that Peyton finally figured out how to properly use Reggie Bush last season that could spell many sleepless nights for other defenses. Combine that with the incredible and still unheralded Marquis Colston as well as TE Jeremy SHockey more comfortable in the system, the Saints are a danger. Brees’ ability to distribute the ball to any number of receivers (there were games last year where he had receptions from seven or more separate players) and the word “drop off” should not even be thought of. I was just in Pittsburgh and the sports radio guys were agreeing Brees is the best QB in the league, surpassing Peyton Manning. This is a dirty travesty of a lie especially for actual people who get paid to do this. Brees is perfect in the system he’s in while Manning is a field general on a level that is unrivaled. Still, the system is there, and Brees is the straw that stirs the Hurricane, so another 5000+ yard season isn’t out of the question. The receiving corps led by Marquis COlston, maybe the most underrated receiver in the league right now, is fast, strong, and smart, able to assimilate into the Sean Peyton scheme. Reggie Bush is Reggie Bush, and with every passing year we realize a little more what that means. He can catch, run, jump and juke, and as they say, you put him in open space its game over. The discovery of Pierre Thomas these last couple of years has given the Saints the battering ram this high-flying offense needs to help them assert themselves at the goal line, and the offensive line seems to take it personally when their QB is touched. This in itself is a good reason to fear the Saints; they’re more of a team than most. On the other side of the ball, a classic 4-3 defense, you have beasts of all types. Sedrick Ellis is the anchor on the line, making good on the promises Mel Kiper made in his honor during the draft. He benched 440 at the combine in 2008, so think about where that’s ended up. And the fact that he was ranked behind Glenn Dorsey on boards everywhere tells you something about Kiper and his boys. Scott Shanle and the speedy, destructive Johnathan Vilma are the heart of the linebackers,  but strong-side man Jo-Lonn Dunbar is coming in for the departing Scott Fujita, so that could have an impact on the running game. the safety tamdem of Roman Harper and the near-legend Darren Sharper pair up to be maybe the best two safeties on one team, while Super Bowl hero Tracy Porter is emerging as a fantastic young corner. The Saints aren’t so much the class of the NFC South as they are the entire NFC. Winning a Super Bowl gives you that swagger, but also a nice big target on your back. This is one team that looks strong enough to build a dynasty. The way the coach and QB in particular mesh is amazing, while the whole team has a city rallied around it like nowhere else in the league. The Saints are going deep this year, every game and all season. Prediction : 14-2, playoffs, of course. Read Full Article →

“Imagine Leadership, imagine yourself leading, leadership is an art. Will you be the leader?”

Nitin Nohria and Amanda Pepper of Harvard Business School’s Leadership Initiative collaborated with XPLANE to create this video in order to generate a discussion of the value and importance of leadership to address some of societys most pressing problems.

“It is my desire to inspire people of all ages and social demographics to think about leadership on a broad level, contemplate what it means to them and what individual impact they can have when it comes to leading,” says Nohria.