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Late night jam session at the Booga Basement with Tabia, one of the illest vocals I have ever heard.  Tabia is credited for writing “Hips Don’t Lie” as well as many other hit songs heard around the world.

Art is a liberating process.  Apart from influence of the exterior world, you connect with the task at hand, engage and everything else fades to black.  Artist and pen, the mic and the spotlight, paintbrush and canvas, teacher and class, athlete and opponent, actor and character, board and wave, body and mind.  Passion drives all of this. When we’re driven, we realize everything connects.  Thoughts are lost without action so find yourself empowered through progress. Prepare yourself, our reactions are a clear indication of where we’re at mentally.

As a writer there always comes a time when you feel there’s nothing to write about; you’ve run out of topics. You don’t know where to begin and that’s really where the problem began all along. If you find yourself searching for a topic then you’re not reflecting what you’re actually thinking about. Shouldn’t have to look for what’s on your mind because it already is. Truly great writings and real expression come on their own terms, at their own time. They show up when you least expect them.  You’ll find harmony in your art once you avoid letting your mind get in the way of what your heart really has to say.

When I find myself at this place its often not that I don’t know what to write about, but what I’m capable of writing won’t properly explain what really needs to be said.  Sometimes I’m just not ready to write about certain things. The key here is to not let excuses perpetually serve as a solution.

“Excuses are a list of self imposed obstacles that prevent you from having a better life.”  – Tony Horton

This is one of the great beauties of life, art, poetry and music.  Sometimes we need to speak about things indirectly, allowing conclusions to be determined by the observer. Through messages, color, delivery, metaphor, tone of voice, vibe, body language and emotion we can portray what we feel aside from words or picture; the harmony of it all does the talking for you.

I’ve always enjoyed writing as it allows time for preparation.  I can work ideas out in my head then present them once I’m ready.  What I’ve learned is when applying your art to the present, live in-person and on the spot is when real talent has the opportunity to shine.  You could write hundreds of rough drafts, plan hundreds of routines, rewrite songs or speeches, rebuild things and “correct” your work countless times over; but being thrust into the moment shows us three very important things. One; we’re more prepared and talented than we lead ourselves to believe.  Two; even if you were to make a mistake, its not a big deal so long as you refuse to give up when you stumble.  Three; pressure can trap you, don’t doubt yourself.  Remember, you’re doing what comes naturally.

I tend to perk up whenever I hear any mention of life lessons, the big picture or more specifically a perspective on success and its attainment.  Especially from someone who appears to have it.  This isn’t the guy with the biggest house on the block, but rather somebody who is happy, enjoys life and shares good stories of their times.  Someone who surrounds themselves in laughter and positivity, friendship, kindness, family and sunshine of their own.  Nobody can tell you how to be rich if you determine what your valuables are.

What is the key to life? Passion for everything you do.  You don’t need money to be a millionaire.

“Existence is a sport.”  – Tim Napoli

9 Notes on Life:

  1. Stop making comparisons
  2. Wave hello to haters
  3. Do you
  4. Don’t stop building
  5. We’re all connected
  6. It’s a small world
  7. I’m pretty sure you only live once
  8. Never say goodbye
  9. Stand up and live

Love Intensifies Futile Emotions
Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation

You’ll find harmony in your art once you avoid letting your mind get in the way of what your heart really has to say.

Happy Birthday Tim

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” – Chuck Drury