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Real recognize real.  This is the latest from Jedi Mind Tricks frontman and hip-hop legend Vinnie Paz.  I have nothing more to say that the video can’t, you just need to check this out.

Vinnie’s debut solo album, “Season of the Assasin” is in stores now.

The imaginative collaboration between Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Vinnie Paz and longtime CKY/Jackass/Viva La Bam/Bam’s Unholy Union accomplice Joe Frantz team up once again to present viewers with a rare and in-depth look into the mind of Mr. Paz, through a behind-the-scenes experience of Vinnie’s latest video: “Keep Movin’ On (featuring Shara Worden).”

“Keep Movin’ On” features a unique cast of stars, including Philadelphia icon Tony Luke Jr. (producer, star of The Nail and Invincible), Scott Vogel (lead singer of the legendary hardcore band Terror) and the stunning Gina Lynn (the “Julia Roberts” of the adult film world). “Keep Movin’ On” tells the story of struggle; both lyrically and visually, in three separate vignettes. Tony Luke Jr. plays the part of a down-and-out factory worker losing his luck, his job and his home, while Vogel portrays a U.S. Marine and Iraq veteran mourning the loss of his leg and his faith in the ideals for which he served. Adult superstar Gina Lynn plays Vogel’s hometown girlfriend, and featured vocalist Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond) appears as a hauntingly melodic chanteuse, garbed in the grainy costume of an early 20th century vamp.

In this new feature, rapper Vinnie Paz is seen like never before. Frantz eschews the typical “behind the scenes” formula in favor of bringing the viewer into Paz’s world. We are treated to the sights and sounds of Vinnie in his element: training with a heavy bag in a dingy basement gym, at the bar with his fam, throughout the streets of his hometown. Throughout the footage there are spots of unexpected humor interspersed with serious discourse on the nature of inspiration. This “Behind-The-Scenes/Reality Feature” does not skimp on the presence of its stars Tony Luke Jr., Scott Vogel, and Gina Lynn, who add personality, humor, and insight. The persona and music of Shara Worden are explored, as is her friendship and collaboration with Paz. And yes, director Joe Frantz provides his obligatory Jackass-esque behind-the-scenes pranks, antics, and stunts (just wait ’til you see what Scott Vogel went through to make his cameo role come to life!).

Frantz, know for his innovative technique and flawless eye, has also served as both producer and cinematographer for all of the classic Bam Margera music videos (HIM, CKY, Clutch, Viking Skull, The 69 Eyes, etc.) and subsequent reality/making-of features which have sculpted the face of the alternative European music scene for the past decade. Utilizing a mixed media technique, Frantz has created a hybrid of slick-looking hi-definition, grainy super-8 film, 16-millimeter motion picture stock and still photos (not to mention archival footage of Vinnie shot on video formats long forgotten).

This feature creates a multi-tiered presentation of artistry and the philosophy of creation. Playing out more like a documentary than an actual “making of” video, Frantz and Paz tell more than just the story of how a single video was shot. Through an amazing blending of past, present and future, the story of one of Hip Hop’s most respected artists is told.


Some killer collaborations on an already uplifting track.  Oh the sounds when the world sings together!

Young Artists For Haiti featuring Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Hedley, Justin Bieber, K’naan and Drake

K’naan feat. David Guetta & – Wavin’ Flag

Wavin’ Flag Spanish Remix

Techno Remix

Arabic Remix

Thai Remix

Naija Remix

Joe  Rubenstein 2009 / K Monet Beauty StudioAs the VibeThat collective grows each day, I find myself continuously intrigued and amazed by the not only the momentum this project has created but also the beauty its managed to collect in such a short period of time.  Each of us pour our creativity into this project; naturally it’s a pleasure to see a positive output from our efforts.   The growth, exposure and increased success of our contributors and visitors excites all of us to keep supporting each other knowing the struggle to do what we love ultimately ends up being the adventure we sought from the start.

On the journey, its about the people we meet and the experiences we create together that prove this was the right path all along.  Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the talented and stunning Kris Renta and introduced her to VibeThat.  Just a few days later, I noticed and couldn’t help but smile at the post she wrote on her blog, (see below)

The most interesting thing to me about Kris is not only is she beautiful and talented, but she exudes originality in all directions.  Her first two posts, Welcome to the Circus Ride and Sacred Thought are a suiting introduction to what you can expect to see from her.  Vibrant, enticing photography, eloquent poetry and everything in between.  For now, enjoy some of her latest work and be sure to keep an eye on this emerging talent.

Hey all!! Just want to spread the word about a wicked awesome blog I am now affiliated with: VIBE!

It’s bringin’ it back to the old days of community based creativity and shared visions expanding consciousness among artists. This is your formal invite to ‘be a part of’ the whole!

The founder, Brett Napoli, is young in years and old in soul. Sitting down with him to discuss the long range view not only inspired but motivated me to be more proactive in sharing thought, expression and perspective on how my world rotates on this axis we call Earth.

View my introduction HERE!! And be sure to keep up on Twitter and Facebook as well!!

With that, I will be updating this on a more steady basis and ‘Vibethat’ as well! Looking forward to colliding..

– Written by Kris Renta on

LOMA Photography

Here she is in Alexandra Burke’s music video “All Night Long”

Watch the video here: