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Come join Award-Winning Actor Keith Collins and’s VP of Marketing and Advertising Scott D’Amato for the Offical Lauch Party of!

Foundation Lounge NYC and promoter/actor Keith Collins have teamed up with to celebrate the launch of the’s web page and community. Not only that, but we will be celebrating Keith Collins achievement of winning Best Supporting Actor at the Downbeach Film Festival Cinefest in Atlantic City for his role in a new 2010 film “A Fight for Survival”. While we’re at it, why not throw in a birthday bash for Scott D’Amato too. This night will be a blast, so bring your friends.

The event takes place Saturday, October 23rd at Foundation Lounge in New York City and is guest list only.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, part of the problem

A couple months back I watched A Law Abiding Citizen, with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Butler plays a character whose wife and daughter are raped and murdered by a couple of criminals during a home invasion, then he exacts a disturbingly brutal revenge on them after they were sentenced to only a couple years of prison. He also focuses his vengeance on the system that let them get out early, meaning the judge, arresting officers, prosecutors, etc., killing them in cinematically spectacular fashion apparently you learn he was an assassin for the Defense Department who used complex techniques to kill Taliban, Al Qaeda, whatever the enemy du jour was for the US government. Foxx is the prosecutor from the case that got a plea bargain so as not to fuck up his conviction record in court, so he could be more electable as district attorney, or mayor or something. In all, a fantastic movie, but something bothered me about it, or at least triggered neurons in my brain to start firing. I didn’t really have a grasp on it till recently, which made that movie much more eye-opening when seen like that. Without getting too wordy right off the bat, the character Butler plays in that movie is an embodiment of popular disgust with the system as its set up now, sort of the Tea Party prior to its astroturfing by the right wing, with Foxx as the Obama character, the one trying to make it right and get Butler to stop what he’s doing. It’s a movie not unlike Network, somebody snapped and said “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

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For those who may not know about BD, he is an extremely talented all-round artist coming out of New York City. I personally have watched him grind and grow the past couple years. He got his first real major start a couple years ago with a single produced by the legendary Scott Storch. He then made his way to signing a major deal with LL Cool J on his imprint record label. Now, back on the grind, after parting ways with his former label, BD is back on his grizzly. With a major single release coming this summer, BD is definitely an artist to look out for. His sound is unique and although he leans a little towards pop, his overall style and music is very eclectic. Check it out and spread the word about BD. Also, check the video trailer from the upcoming film about his life as an artist in NYC.

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Check out this clip from the classic movie “Almost Famous”. The scene reminds me of The Power of Music, The Power of a Moment, The Power of Capturing a Vibe.

Kleptones – Come Again (Beatles vs Rare Earth vs Beaties vs Daft Punk vs Cypress Hill vs Boston) Video by Crumbs Chief from The Videotones on Vimeo.

Beatles vs the Rest of the World in this Kleptones mash from Uptime / Downtime – includes Boston, Cypress Hill, Daft Punk, Beasties, Criminal Element Orchestra, Freeez and many many more in this epic extravaganza of a 1,000 dancers by video artists Crumbs Chief.

Can you spot them all?

Power to the Mashup People!

Video by Crumbs Chief as part of the Videotones project

Download the mashup: Kleptones: