Joe  Rubenstein 2009 / K Monet Beauty StudioAs the VibeThat collective grows each day, I find myself continuously intrigued and amazed by the not only the momentum this project has created but also the beauty its managed to collect in such a short period of time.  Each of us pour our creativity into this project; naturally it’s a pleasure to see a positive output from our efforts.   The growth, exposure and increased success of our contributors and visitors excites all of us to keep supporting each other knowing the struggle to do what we love ultimately ends up being the adventure we sought from the start.

On the journey, its about the people we meet and the experiences we create together that prove this was the right path all along.  Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the talented and stunning Kris Renta and introduced her to VibeThat.  Just a few days later, I noticed and couldn’t help but smile at the post she wrote on her blog, (see below)

The most interesting thing to me about Kris is not only is she beautiful and talented, but she exudes originality in all directions.  Her first two posts, Welcome to the Circus Ride and Sacred Thought are a suiting introduction to what you can expect to see from her.  Vibrant, enticing photography, eloquent poetry and everything in between.  For now, enjoy some of her latest work and be sure to keep an eye on this emerging talent.

Hey all!! Just want to spread the word about a wicked awesome blog I am now affiliated with: VIBE!

It’s bringin’ it back to the old days of community based creativity and shared visions expanding consciousness among artists. This is your formal invite to ‘be a part of’ the whole!

The founder, Brett Napoli, is young in years and old in soul. Sitting down with him to discuss the long range view not only inspired but motivated me to be more proactive in sharing thought, expression and perspective on how my world rotates on this axis we call Earth.

View my introduction HERE!! And be sure to keep up on Twitter and Facebook as well!!

With that, I will be updating this on a more steady basis and ‘Vibethat’ as well! Looking forward to colliding..

– Written by Kris Renta on

LOMA Photography

Here she is in Alexandra Burke’s music video “All Night Long”

Watch the video here:

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