Supporting VibeThat Authors

This project is a continued inspiration; the immense effort to grow VibeThat these past few months has been astonishing to see and rewarding to be a part of.  Each day provides a reaffirmation of why this website exists and why spreading love is the key.  Thank you kindly for your support in spreading and helping to build this dream.

Some of the latest site upgrades:

  • Larger Author Gravatar’s (Profile Photos)
  • now suggests “Related Posts” at the bottom of each article
  • “Shared Vibes” Counter beneath Author Profile Photo displays the Author’s total number of posts
  • Each Author has an Author Archive page with a listing of all their posts. A listing of all your posts within the VibeThat Community
  • The Get Started page clearly explains how to register to contribute, make posts, add your photo, edit your Bio, link to your website and more
  • Sweet new footer graphics and right column graphics

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