Today is officially Earth Day so I thought it would be proper to talk of some of the things we can do to promote a healthier and more fruitful planet. Start by taking a big deep breath, with the recognition that we are taking part in one of the most perfect, symbiotic relationships that takes place; the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that occurs between plants and ourselves. Life stems from here and continues to grow into this beautiful existence that we all share.

There are a myriad number of ways we can join in and work with our natty mother but the one I find particularly rewarding is foraging and to grow our own food. Foraging I really don’t know enough about to discuss but I do know that by identifying a few edibles that grow in your region, you open yourself up to some interesting possibilities. There are also some plants in our region that can be used to create your own herbal smoking blends as well as those that “open the doors of perception” (but only mildly). Mullein, mugwort, wild lettuce( latuca virosa) are a few to check. Damiana, sage, catnip, comfrey can be fairly easily propagated by seed and raised through good intentions to become a great addition to any herb collection.

Enough about that and some more on food:

By growing food we our securing a healthy, local food source that links us directly to our land and demystifies the whole food production process. Not to mention a few extra bucks in our pocket and a wealth of food that we can share with others. And the taste, well you already know how much flavor fresh fruits/veges can pack. Attached are some articles I hope you guys enjoy.

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  • Roberta

    I love Earth Day :) Bonding with the soil of the earth always teaches me to just relax, be patient and enjoy the simple things in life. Such as watching new life grow out of a tiny seed into a giant tree.

  • Roberta

    Here is one positive way to shift our habits: Buy your food locally. Support your neighbors and support your country. Visit the orchards and meet with the farmers. They are more than happy to meet their customers!