Hey and Hey, here’s a little something to ponder upon, recently received these mixes from my cuz, hope you like them. First one hit me, in the right way, simply JAHmazing, well I’m gonna leave you with the lyrics for the first song.

I & I

The point needs no dimension, my soul trapped in a physical prison, the names are part of a circle by definition, peep the wisdom, walk the line that is man-made the mind wanders, measuring thought with a land gauge, seeds planted with the rhyme, find ways to grow nimble off the pie, study the golden ratio, reflecting when the darkness starts to draw near, meditating, standing in the shadow of the a large sphere, time travelin’, wise the ways of the ancients, slowly heightening my conscious through vibration, completeness, integrity, unity, and entity so real his image sacred, nickname is energy, condition the pitiful, nasty with the lyrical, reach hands quick enough grasp the metaphysical, spits words resonate, infinite like number 8, on the journey to the center from which all originates, fraction to integer, a permanent visiter, you’ll need a hubble mandala telescope to peep the perimeter, existence linear, unseen optically, my spirits reads between the lines of sacred geometry, chakra turnin steadily, the feeling is great, close my eyes, hum softly, spinnin in place, 360, perverted monk like the Damaja, my mind is platonic, my heart a giant mandala, form focus, generate don’t need to imitate, I ORIGINAL, capital of my mental state, rip daily the calm after the storm, break the world down by five through the mention of thorns, my mind is basic, train of thought sharper than razors, staring deep into the irises of my creator, a giant cycle you’ll know when the war is won, pondering our ways as we slowly fly around the sun, some bites rhymes but can’t chew human nature, its food for thought like poems for inner rice paper, you might not understand my style, eclectic, open up my third so i can gather the collective, the music speaks, my words are instrumental, to get my point across a round house to the temple, my ways are strange but look that with great respect, born named Pawel also known as the Architect

Get Mad

Here’s a little something towards the previous post in response to getting mad,  a little remix from my the architect himself. Let not the picture above set an example of what you have to do but let it burn the coals in your internal furnace to push you to follow your reason to life.

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